Five-point security plan to secure business premises

Security remains an issue in South Africa as crime levels continue to pose safety risks. Keeping your premises safe by means of security service requires a multi-faceted approach. It’s not only about ensuring your valuables are safe, it’s also about creating a safe space for people to visit and trade. This five-point plan (designed by a professional security company) covers each of our five senses, representing eyes and ears on the ground.

Assess your risks

Criminals have developed the ability to spot opportunity where the rest of us wouldn’t. A professional draws from experience, they have worked with many people who have experienced trespassers, burglaries, and other forms of crime. This has given them insight into the way criminals think and operate, where they see opportunity and how to deter incidences.

CCTV  ̶  eyes open

CCTV is capable of wirelessly feeding footage to you from the filmed location to you, anywhere in the world, in real time. CCTV cameras deter criminal activity and provide valuable evidence, should it be needed.

Alarm systems and beams  ̶  ears to the ground

Access Control  ̶  stay in touch

Only authorised persons are able to enter, and a record of all entries and their times is also kept. Touch is our tactile sense, it gives us a feel for our environment. Access control ensures only people you trust can enter and get a feel for your premises.

Guarding  ̶  the muscle

Security service guards with training will know how to evaluate each person entering a property and at which point to report suspicious activity. You can’t beat the eyes and ears of a human (trained and passionate) that’s present.

Other services to consider:

  • Corporate, retail, industrial and residential guarding services.
  • Residential and cluster guarding (estate).
  • Alarm monitoring and armed response.
  • Roaming area patrols.
  • Weighbridge control.
  • Receiving and dispatch control.
  • Checking functions of Reception functions – visitor control.



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