CCTV solution to protect warehouses

In most warehouses, the main problem is errors in loading or unloading merchandise with many retailers complaining of blind spots or lost pallets.

The French TEB solution, available exclusively in South Africa through local business partner Fidelity ADT Commercial, is designed especially for warehouses and aims to provide 100% follow-up of your merchandise from truck to storage zone and vice versa.

Clive van Ryneveld, commercial executive: Fidelity ADT Commercial, says located in the middle of the warehouse and in the delivery bays, the dome-shaped TUB camera® provides 100% visual cover and allows one to keep an eye on the entire warehouse. “Essentially it completely does away with blind spots and lost pallets which are a major source of risk for most retailers.”

The shuttle camera moves rapidly and precisely to allow any suspicious event to be watched from A to Z. “The solution not only guarantees a rapid return on investment (ROI) but assists in reducing costs and heightening security,” says van Ryneveld.

When looking for the most appropriate global or local partner, van Ryneveld says TEB with its track record and range of high performance solutions, specifically tailored to individual clients’ needs, was a natural partner. Through continuous research and development, TEB have stayed in the forefront of innovation and almost become a benchmark in the CCTV market.

“Security today has gone so much further than just protecting against robberies or shrinkage: it has become more about assessing and understanding risk, offering insights and information on trends and behaviour, and coming up with the most appropriate solution,” says van Ryneveld.

In line with this, Fidelity’s approach for businesses is generally to harden from the inside out by offering a fully-integrated solution starting with access control, backed by CCTV and supported by security guards with a pro-active control room to manage the situation.

“If the retailer is interested in running a centralised control room and operations centre it is best that all technologies are integrated and talk to each other. Over the last five years we have seen great technology advancements in retail solutions. Solutions have definitely moved from a copy-and-paste package to a customised solution based on a consultative process with customers becoming strategic partners. Customers can expect inventory intelligence, accurate stock takes and stock replenishments from stock room to sales floor,” he says.

Van Ryneveld says if one invests in disparate products they cannot be fully integrated or give accurate reports which run at an enterprise level. The best loss prevention solutions connect devices onto the corporate network and then run a software platform to make sense of all the data received from devices to ensure warehouse and, ultimately, store performance can be measured and evaluated.

“Inventory intelligence and traffic data are typical non-security technologies but will ultimately reduce or have an impact on the overall shrinkage. There’s no denying that an integrated solution is key in today’s world of security. Using a provider that understands your company’s needs, no matter what size the business is, will go a long way to ensuring you get the best solution possible,” he concludes.

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