Companies need to be prepared for Day Zero

The reality of Day Zero is frightening and to get through it, Capetonians will have to pull together like never before. More importantly, if businesses in Cape Town are going to survive 2018, they will have to implement solutions that will enable staff to work remotely as a team.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) says Day Zero is not a single day, the reality is that the City will be without water in the taps for likely between 3 and 6 months. Even when there is water, rebooting the system may take time and possibly be fraught with difficulty considering that no one has ever had to do it before.

The report also states that all businesses that don’t have an independent and proven safe supply of drinking and sanitation water will have to close. Furthermore, all schools that don’t have an independent supply of drinking and sanitation water, will also have to close.

Alto Africa CTO Oliver Potgieter says no major modern city in the world has ever run out of water and no one really knows what the social consequences may be. “Day Zero is coming and there is very little anyone can do to avoid it.”

“Businesses must ensure their people are able to work from anywhere. Alto Africa is passionate about its home city Cape Town and wants to support local businesses in this time of need. So, we are waiving all set-up and migration fees for local businesses that are moving to the cloud in preparation for Day Zero,” he adds.

Alto Africa has introduced a Cloudbox, a solution that is designed for SME’s looking to simplify their IT and it also incorporates all essential IT services including hosted telephony and simple fast internet. It gives staff the ability to continue to work remotely.

“Cloudbox is the ideal solution for SMEs wanting to survive this catastrophe. As business owners, we know how critical IT solutions are so we’ve decided to waive all setup and migration fees for new Cloudbox customers based in Cape Town until 21 April,” he explains.

For more information on Cloudbox and how Alto Africa can assist by offering free setup and migration for all Cape Town customers, visit www.altoafrica.comor contact Alto Africa on (021) 201-1350 or email