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The power of revolutionising parking

Karabo Parking Management takes immense pride in being different and providing clients with an experience that is professional in its approach, positive in its delivery and rewarding with its results. With over 30 years of industry experience Karabo Parking management remains pioneers in the transformation of parking management.


This robot valet will soon be parking your car at the airport

An airport in the UK is set to launch a three-month-long trial of robots that will park travellers’ cars for them, letting them squeeze thousands more vehicles into their parking lot.

The details: From August 2019, drivers at Gatwick Airport will be able to leave their car in a drop-off zone near the airport and summon one of the robots using a touch-screen terminal nearby.



Industroclean sees value addition and partnerships key to industry growth

One of the most significant changes in the industrial and commercial cleaning space over the past number of decades is a shift in mindset. That shift has been from viewing cleaning as a commodity service measured purely on cost, to one that values partnerships that contribute to supply chain efficiency.


Hotels for Africa: Q&A with Design Hotels

What are the challenges of operating on the African continent?

Hotel operators face a wide variety of challenges if they are about to operate in Africa. They can range from potential lack in general infrastructure to a volatile political situation, which can generally challenge a long-term investment strategy at first.


IoT and waste management in commercial and industrial property

Dhasi Naidoo, chief strategy officer, Ontec Systems (Pty) Limited answers our questions

What are the challenges of IoT and waste management re commercial property in SA?

All technologies face challenges and IoT is no different. This is mainly due to the diversity of devices, networks and languages (systems) which must all talk together.


Craig Hean, CEO of JLL sub-Saharan Africa, unpacks JLL’s Nairobi City Report for CIPN

What is the anticipated impact of the recent disruption in Nairobi?

The sentiment in Nairobi has quickly returned to business as usual since the recent incident, with the local and expatriate population taking a clear stance to put this attack into perspective and move forward.

Flexible working

Q&A with Tom Mundy, head of advisory, sub-Saharan Africa, JLL

What are the latest findings re flexible working space in a) sub-Sahara Africa and b) emerging markets in Europe?

We don’t have any formal research, as there is little appetite yet for flex space in Africa, outside of South Africa. That being said, the Regus model has been operation in sub-Saharan Africa for some time and there is strong demand for it.

Office vacancies remain high

Reprinted with permission by SA Commercial Prop News

The economy weakness is exerting a toll on commercial property owners, as a rising glut of office buildings makes it more difficult for some owners to lease the empty spaces.

Design-focused hotel to open in downtown Cape Town

Gorgeous George on St George’s Mall is first Cape Town member of world-renowned Design Hotels

 Gorgeous George, a new cool downtown hotel in the heart of Cape Town, will officially open in March this year.

EM launches smart-building retrofit system

Retrofitting older building stock with smart automation solutions is now possible with the latest Hager system introduced locally by leading supplier ElectroMechanica (EM).